FAQ: What is Get Out: Omaha?

Get Out: Omaha is an escape game company dedicated to providing the highest quality escape rooms in the world. Get Out: Omaha is brought to you by Get Out Games and Breakout Lawrence. We are family-friendly, intentional about quality time and shared experiences, and we’re pretty dang awesome. If you are still wondering what the heck we do, email us. We’ll be happy to answer any of your questions!

FAQ: How early should I arrive?
Parking around Old Market can be tricky. Please give yourself some extra time by arriving about 15 minutes earlier than your start time. Games will begin exactly at your start time. We are unable to wait if you are late, and you may have less than 60 minutes to play if you are not on time.
FAQ: How do I book a game?
Please book your experience on our Booking Page, or you can book in-person. We are unable to accept bookings over the phone. For corporate team building events, shoot us an email or visit our Groups & Events Page.
FAQ: Am I really going to be locked in a room?
The short answer is no; that doesn’t sound safe or legal! You will be in a room with a locked door, but it is equipped with an exit button and you are free to leave the room at any time. Of course, leaving the room early disqualifies any record times.
FAQ: How many people play?

Is there an age/size/ability/mobility limit?

Each room has a minimum of 2 players, we do not allow single players. The maximum is different for each room.

On Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays we have a 4-person or $100 minimum charge for our private escape room experiences.

Players 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. Email us about any accessibility questions – each room is different.

FAQ: How do I pay?

The easiest way to pay for your experience is online – during the booking process. We also accept bookings in-person, where you can choose to pay with cash, credit card, or debit card. The price per person is $25.

On Fridays, Saturdays & Sundays we have a 4-person or $120 minimum charge for our private escape room experiences.

For group rates, visit our Groups & Events Page.

FAQ: Can I book with my friends or family?
Of course! We suggest designating one person to place the booking for your entire group. All rooms are first-come, first-serve, so we recommend booking in advance. There are 8 spots available in each room, and all rooms are currently private, ensuring you will be with just your friends and family – no matter if you have 4 or 8 people.
FAQ: Can you accommodate large parties and events?
Absolutely! You can either book through our main Booking Page, or email us directly to rent our facility for your party or corporate event. Visit our Groups & Events Page for more info on Special Event Packages (coming soon), or email us to receive a custom quote.
FAQ: Will there be other people in the room with us?
Due to COVID-19, all escape rooms at Get Out: Omaha are private for the near future. This means no matter if you have 4 or 8 people in your booking, you will NOT be placed with other guests. 
FAQ: How long is each game?
Each game is 60 minutes, though we ask you to arrive 15 minutes prior to your experience for preparation and 5 minutes after to debrief and take pictures to commemorate your victory (or defeat!)
Yes! We offer a special discount to high school and college students:

Students get 10% of our escape room adventures with a valid ID! 

Simply book online in advance and show your ID upon arrival when you pay in-store. Discount only available to college and high school students with valid ID.

Offers cannot be combined. 

FAQ: Are you hiring?

Yes? No? The short answer is: probably. The long answer is: we may or may not be hiring depending on the season of the year and the amount of bookings we have. We can’t respond to everyone that applies, but we still love to hear from you! We never know when we’ll need someone extra awesome to join the Get Out: Omaha team. If that sounds like you, feel free to drop us a line!